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Blood Bank Refrigerators are available in six different sizes and designed to meet strict requirements for storage of whole blood. The complete selection of 4°C refrigerators includes the Micro Controlled Temperature controller having Audio Visual Alarm in case of temperature deviation.

Features of Blood Bank Refrigerators:-

  • Micro Controlled Temperature Controller with audio visual alarm for high and low temperature.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel.
  • Extra strength NON CFC refrigeration system.
  • The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility.
  • CFC Free PFU (Poly Urethane Foam) insulation to ensure temperature stability and save power consumption.
Catalogue No. IBR-60 IBR-120 IBR-160 IBR-250 IBR-300 IBR-360
Temperature 4.0°C 4.0°C 4.0°C 4.0°C 4.0°C 4.0°C
Accuracy 0.5°C 0.5°C 0.5°C0.5°C 0.5°C 0.5°C
Size (WXDXH) cm 44x40x62 45x40x102 54x54x95 62x52x112 65x52x130 72x52x130
Volume 110 185 ltrs 275 ltrs 380 ltrs 440 ltrs 505 ltrs
No. Of Baskets Two Four Four Five Six Six
Blood Bags (Approx.) 60/350 ml. 120/350 ml. 160/350 ml. 250/350 ml. 300/350 ml. 360/350 ml.
Operating Voltage 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC

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