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Blood Collection Monitor


Blood Collection Monitor are provides resourceful mixing of blood with the anticoagulant in blood bags. Blood Collection Monitor is a portable instrument to provide smooth and gentle rocking for homogeneous mixing with anti-coagulant without clot formation of blood cells during collection of blood from a donor. Blood Collection Monitor are widely used in hospitals, research clinics and pharmaceuticals industries. Blood Collection Monitor is the auto control microprocessor system ensures accurate collection of blood volume to prevent blood clots formation. Blood Collection Monitor is Battery power up to 7 to 8 Hrs. (Only in Battery operated model).

We have in store for our clients Blood Collection Monitor that allows homogeneous mixing with anticoagulant due to its smooth and gentle rocking. Due to advanced technology, the range prevents clot formation of blood from a donor and has the facility of pausing collection as well as change. Some other features of our range are:

Catalogue No. ICM-03 ICM-04
Input Voltage 230 V AC 230 V AC(SMPS)
Ocillation Speed 10 RPM ± 1RPM 10 RPM ± 1RPM
Battery Backup - 7 to 8 Hrs
Alarm Audio Visual Audio Visual
Display LCD 16 x 2 LCD 16 x 2

Features of Blood Collection Monitor:-

  • Blood Collection can be paused / stopped in the middle for donor safety.
  • Auto tare facility
  • Display of Set Volume, Process Volume, weight and Time.
  • Automatic release of blood bag when lifted. .
  • Pre-selection of volume
  • Auto care facility
  • Auto Calibration Facility
  • Battery power up to 7 to 8 Hrs. (Only in Battery backup model)
  • Display of Set Volume, Process Volume, weight and Time
  • Volume can be set 1 ml. Increment with two set points
  • Micro control based program
  • Volume can be set from 1 ml. to 999ml.
  • Program during blood collection

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